DrainSafe Presentations

As promised we have hosted workshops for NADC members in Thurrock, Bristol. Manchester and Birmingham with good feedback at each.

The key point from members at these workshops was that the industry needs this and that the scheme needs to recognise the following:

  • Training – pre-existing competencies should be allowed
  • These competencies should be assessed/benchmarked at a set level,
  • Competence assessment must be rigorous and compliance enforced,
  • Non compliance with DrainSafe principles and rules must be enforced,
  • Fee structures must be affordable
  • Fee structures must be proportionate to size of firm
  • Fee structures must generate enough cash to enable DrainSafe to be effective,
  • Firms were accepting that DrainSafe would need to be funded by members for a period (2 years) before tangible value realised.

We are at National Drainage Show at the Excel Centre on 9th November.

We plan to have a short Zoom presentation on Wednesday 29th September. Details will be sent to members in advance of this.