Approved Contractor Requirements

We see monitoring in the early stages being done through desk top review of a firms records such as insurances, training records and customer feedback. As the scheme develops over the next year or so we would expect that DrainSafe will carry out on site reviews of a firm’s activities and in time provide an ombudsman service in the event of disputes between a registered contractor and a customer.

Training Qualifications

DrainSafe members will be able to demonstrate that they are competent to carry out a range of work in the following disciplines – H&S, CCTV operation and reporting, drain and sewer surveying and mapping, high pressure water jetting, drain and sewer excavation and repair, patching and lining, vacuum tankering and waste management and sweeping and gully/interceptor maintenance.


DrainSafe members will have current, appropriate levels of insurance to protect their customers, their employees and others to cover the work that they do.

Management Structure

A DrainSafe Contractor will have documented policies on Health and Safety management, pollution mitigation, staff training and customer care.


Initially, firms will be subject to desktop reviews on application and periodically during their membership. DrainSafe aspires to introduce on site audits of firms based on the scale of their business and the services they offer to customers.